Day Surgery Units:

ModuleCo day surgery units are designed to meet the requirements of the NHS HBN and HTM guidelines for the design and installation of healthcare facilities, specifically:

  • HBN 10-02 – Day Surgery Facilities

Large-scale theatre solutions can be provided in the form of day surgery facilities or larger elective surgery blocks.

Across a range of surgical disciplines we have supplied general, orthopaedic and ophthalmic day surgeries ranging from single theatres up to 4 theatre cores.

These are bespoke facilities that should exactly reflect the needs and capacity requirements of the healthcare organisations they serve and they are most effectively specified and designed through a consultative process between our design team and the facility users.

To deliver these larger technical schemes we have developed over the years a tried and tested methodology of consultation and design iteration, resulting in a comprehensive set of room data sheets and C-Sheets which are agreed by all parties prior to production.

Our day surgery units can incorporate GA, orthopaedic or ophthalmic theatres, a combination or multiple of them and can include the following areas as required:

  • Recovery – 1st , 2nd and 3rd stage
  • Pre-op and post-op ward space
  • Patient changing areas
  • Waiting areas and public facilities
  • Reception and nurse base
  • Consulting rooms
  • Staff change and rest facilities
  • Stores