In-Patient Accommodation:

We design, manufacture and install in-patient accommodation, principally ward space (including specialist treatment and isolation wards), to suit the requirements of the hospital.

Our wards and other in-patient accommodation are designed to meet the relevant requirements of the NHS HBN and HTM guidelines for the design and installation of healthcare facilities, specifically:

  • HBN04 – Adult In-patient Facilities
  • HBN40 – Common Activity Spaces


Our modular in-patient wards are operational within 25 weeks from date of order. They can be installed to up to 5 storeys high and to any size and mix of shared and single room bed space so that patient utilisation is maximised. Specialist wards built to our pre-existing designs can be operational in as little as 8 weeks from order.

The bed cores can be provided with ancillary facilities, dependent on the location of the ward and the medical purpose it serves. Ancillary facilities can include; consulting space, nurse stations, stores, changing areas, rest areas and communal areas.

Specialised in-patient accommodation

As well as standard medical or surgical bed space, we can provide specialist in-patient accommodation to serve various disciplines.

HDU: High dependency units can be provided, incorporating glass divider walls and articulating ceiling mounted gas and monitoring pendants, designed to meet the requirements of HBN57: Critical Care Facilities.

Renal Facilities: We can provide main or satellite dialysis units, including RO plantrooms if required. As with our ward facilities a renal unit can be provided with a range of ancillary areas to suit the particular requirements of the location.

Isolation Rooms & Wards: En-suite isolation rooms can be provided, either as standalone units or as areas within a larger ward facility. The areas will be mechanically ventilated to maintain a negative pressure and would be approached via a ventilated lobby. Filtration levels can be chosen to provide the specific levels of protection required, dependent on the clinical needs.

Maternity Facilities: Our expertise extends to the design and supply of entire maternity departments and we have specific experience in the provision of birthing rooms, mother and child bed accommodation, SCBU and obstetric theatres.