Operating Theatres:


Various Operating Theatre designs can be supplied to suit the requirements of the surgical team, ranging from single ‘standard’ layout GA theatres to larger Multi-Theatre Operating Departments.

All our theatres meet the requirements of the NHS HBN and HTM guidelines for the design and installation of healthcare facilities, specifically:

  • HBN26 – Facilities for Surgical Procedures
  • HTM03/1 – Specialised Ventilation for Healthcare premises
  • HTM02/1 – Medical Gas Pipeline systems

Layouts and specifications will vary according to the type of procedures to be carried out and we are able to supply Theatres to suit specific departmental or surgical disciplines:

General Anaesthetic Operating Theatres

As a base specification our Operating Theatres are set up for General Anaesthetic (GA) use and are installed with a rooftop plantroom or plant deck containing air-handing, heating and cooling systems in accordance with HTM03/1. Internally, it will be fitted out to Group 1 level with anaesthetic pendants, operating lamps, surgeons control panels, etc. and will be electrically protected with an integrated UPS and IPS system.

Unless otherwise specified, a GA Theatre suite will normally comprise a 54m2 operating room, anaesthetic room, scrub, dirty utility, corridor access circulation and a ‘lay-up’ prep room.

ModuleCo-Royal-Orthopaedic-Hospital-Operating-Theatres-Wards-Exterior-Twilight-SideOrthopaedic Operating Theatres

Our Orthopaedic Operating Theatres are fitted with a laminar flow ‘ultra clean’ ventilation canopy. In terms of layout it will have all the same attributes as a GA theatre except that it contains a sterile pack store instead of a ‘lay-up’ prep, due to the convention that sterile packs should be opened under a sterile laminar air stream if available.

Ophthalmic Operating Theatres

Powerful microscopes and laser equipment are used in eye surgery which impacts on the design of the Theatre structure. These Operating Theatres incorporate a concrete floor to negate the effects of vibration on sensitive floor-mounted equipment or the steel structure in the roof can be strengthened if ceiling-hung equipment is preferred.

Other variants

All our Theatres can be bespoke designed or enhanced to enable different uses or performance levels. For example, parts of the theatre can be lined with lead sheet to afford protection from X-rays if portable imaging equipment is to be used. Similarly, treatment to doors and vision panels can be applied if laser equipment is to be used. Air-handling systems can be specifically designed if necessary to achieve different operating parameters i.e. higher humidity levels sometimes required for plastic surgery.


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