Manufactured for Life


Our mission is to provide healthcare workers with buildings which are ‘Manufactured for Life’ and designed to optimise your patient care environment – promoting a quicker, successful recovery without compromise.

ModuleCo provide award-winning, pre-engineered facilities designed specifically for the NHS which offer a no-compromise, compliant, healthcare environment for your patients and staff.

We can deliver brand-new modular operating theatres, in-patient wards, fast-track isolation wards and imaging facilities with a 60-year design life, ‘patient-ready’ in as little as 10 weeks.

Factory-First, Why It Matters


We know that delivering projects on-time, on-budget and with minimum disruption allows you more time to focus on the well-being and recovery of your patients. That is why we control every aspect of the design, manufacture and delivery of your brand new facility.

So, imagine a brand-new facility which arrives fully assembled, QA audited, PDI compliance checked, significantly reducing the time required on site – that’s ‘Factory-first’.

By creating your entire facility in one of our factories, we offer you full visibility and accountability for the quality of the installation and control of the whole programme.

In our experience ‘Factory-first’ is the most efficient, cleanest, lowest risk and fastest way to achieving live critical healthcare capacity.

Allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Putting the Patient First

Healthcare professionals share a common desire with their patients – a quick and successful recovery.

That is why we’re committed to creating the optimum conditions, to aid and expedite rehabilitation, simply by putting the well-being of patients at the core of what we do.

Our facilities are renowned for their quality, designed to significantly reduce noise, eliminate vibrations and to provide a consistent temperature – all key factors proven to improve patient experience and to regaining good health.



Our substantial floor chassis limits patient exposure at the head of the bed, achieving HTM08-01 compliant floor response factors:

  • Theatre under 1
  • Ward less than 2


Our market-defning facilities are designed to keep room and corridor noises to a minimum.


Thermal Insulation

Our no compromise construction and specifications mean our building U-Values and air permeability performance go beyond the requirements of building control.
This allows for providing a comfortable patient environment and improves sustainability by reducing the heating and cooling requirements throughout the year.

It’s Your Choice

Imagine a world where the facilities you operate within are created to help you to provide the best possible care for your patients, with room to spare.

M&E Services

We offer a full BIM and REVIT designed M&E solution in a matter of weeks.

Internal Finishes

Highest quality internal finishes which meet the requirements of UK building control, fire regulations & HTM/HBN performance criteria.

Internal Height

All operating theatres boast at least a 2.9m high ceiling for the safe operation of equipment in a spacious and user-friendly working environment.


Robust structural frames which allow multi-storey deployments from day one, together with a 60-year structural design life.