Procurement Financing Options

Procurement and Revenue Solutions

We work with an affiliated company, ModuleCo Healthcare (MCH), to provide financing options for modular healthcare buildings.

MCH specialise in procurement and revenue solutions for the provision of specialist modular healthcare facilities into the public sector, in particular the NHS. We have significant experience and a proven track record of working with the public sector and its supply partners in providing affordable and compliant alternatives to outright capital purchase.

Procurement Framework

ModuleCo and MCH are accredited suppliers on the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Modular Buildings Framework. The tender process involved has established that ModuleCo and MCH meets strict quality, fitness for purpose and value for money criteria. This means that our public sector clients do not have to go through a lengthy tender process to procure our modular healthcare buildings. Using the framework can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Ease of ordering
  • Speed of procurement
  • OJEU compliance

We design each solution with the client’s specific budget in mind and can structure repayment frequency according to requirements. MCH has structured procurement and revenue solutions over periods of between 3-15 years.

Managed Service Option

At MCH we can work with our clients to facilitate a fully Managed Service Contract for our specialist modular healthcare facilities. The Managed Service Contract can include the design, build, installation and delivery of the facility together with the provision of hard and soft services for a fixed period for a VAT recoverable fee.

Off and On Balance Sheet Options

In the public sector there is often a requirement for funding solutions to be classified as being ‘off balance sheet’. MCH’s knowledge of accounting standards (including SSAP21, IFRS, GAAP, and IAS17), coupled with our experience in consulting with public sector auditors, ensures that we are able to consistently structure solutions which meet the relevant accounting requirements.